Monday, June 1, 2020
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DIVINE MUZAK: Maison Skinny

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Title: Maison Skinny
Format: CD
Label: Punch Records (@)
Rated: *****
Formed by Dan (who was active during the late 90s with the Archaos project) and Julie, Divine Muzak are releasing on Punch Records their second album titled MAISON SKINNY. The eleven tracks have a common theme: the body. On their promo sheet the duo wrote: "a body that dismisses love in the morning and tastes starvation at night, that releases liquids in party rooms and covers itself with silk, bruises and anguish". The titles don't reflect decaying concepts per se. We have: "Dreams Size Zero", "Looney Bunny", "Rockabilly Doom", "Love Bang Bang", "Little Baby Horse", "Give In To Me", "La Femme Inégale", "Vienna", "Red Twins", "July" and "Afterparty". On the musical side things change a lot as Dan and Julie show a wide range of influences. Their music basically can be filed under electro pop but if tracks like the opening "Dreams Size Zero" or the following "Looney bunny" and "Rockabilly doom" sound like an electronic version of Serge Gainsbourg (with also a similar sensual approach), "Love bang bang" and "Vienna" sound more electro (a la Soft Cell) and "Litte baby horse", as the great closing "After party", has an experimental semi industrial approach to sound. MAISON SKINNY is a multifaceted album that you'll appreciate a little more at each listening.