Monday, June 1, 2020
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Title: A guide to the music of 21th Century
Format: CD
Label: Acidsoxx Musicks (@)
Big Boys had a song titled "fun fun fun", this band instead is mostly based on fun without using a song title, it's quite explicit from the band pics and both for the music. Somehow this music has reminiscences of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa, but that comparison would end being just too reductive. The ironic element is really present in the concept as you can judge both by the layout and from the music but I think I've to underline despite the ironic approach of the songs and the production are not superficial at all. Ok, honestly that's not exactly my cup of tea but I've to recognize most of the tracks present and interesting amount of bizarre elements and while there's some unconventional ironic taste that links most of the tracks they change considerably style here and there. Odd, funny but at the same time we're still dealing with an unconventional recording. Sometimes you may think they probably put together most of the tracks whole they where drunk but the result is overall good so thumbs up to whatever they took to put together such a goofy-spacey release. How can you comment music like this, it's out of time, of space and shows the musician skill of these guys is great but at the same time it makes you think these people has escaped from some sort of madhouse.