Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: Dark Past 02 – The Politics of Detroit
Format: CD
Label: Dark Past (@)
Rated: *****
A quite surprising comeback for this Chicago-based small label now releasing their second compilation. Dark Past stands mostly for the lighter side of Electro/Industrial music and offers in the first instance space for Future- and Electropop-genres. The line-up of this new CD compilation includes already discovered names like PULSE STATE, the label head himself, active under his very own name, TED CIKOWSKI, or the raw SOFTCORE, this time side by side with the COP-recording female artist CHIASM ("Soulprint"). PULSE STATE opens this compilation with the track "Escaping The Unknown" in a known kind with clear arrangements, easy-to-follow synth and drum patterns and a satisfying vocal performance. This act still counts to be an insider tip, but maybe with more satisfying tracks like this one, and especially with the winning remix for INFORMATIK, this project will start now into a brighter future? Label chief TED CIKOWSKI has received two free slots on this new compilation, his music is more raw compared with PULSE STATE, but to me it still lacks of a clearer production, especially on the vocals. Better constituted seems to be the second track "Pegasys" with a better synth play. I also would like to spend applause to D:KONSTRUCT for their track "Calling Out Your Name" for being a quite satisfying Futurepop-track in vein of PRIDE AND FALL, but the second track "This Regret" alters the first good impression, since the support of guitar riff sounds rather disturbing here. SOFTCORE don’t offer anything for the laughs, they rather try to reach a slot in the Guinness Book of records, because of their multiple usage of the evil "F..."-word in their track "Kick In The Face". The music is an angry bawling and filled with guitars, just like the lyrics performance would require it. Good to see/hear, that they’ve decided to include an instrumental tune for their second slot. Finally I would praise the marvelous done track "Pray" by FIREWERK, which reanimates the old Coldwave tradition of acts like the early 16 VOLT or SISTER MACHINE GUN. All bands are hailing out of the Chicago area, so to collect them and to offer them a CD compilation especially to reach the local scene makes sense. I have doubts that the content of this compilation has seriously anything to do with the local politics, but however, this second issue generally rivals with the quality and content of the first compilation.

Tracklist -

1 Pulse State - Escaping the Unknown
2 Ted Cikowski - Equestriani
3 d:Konstruct - Calling Out Your Name
4 Chiasm - Soulprint
5 Softcore - Kick in the Face
6 Der Nistler - Star Trippin
7 d:Konstrukt - This Regret
8 Ted Cikowski - Pegasys
9 Softcore - Dying Trying
10 Firewerk - Pray


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