Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Artist: Informatik (@)
Title: Arena
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis Records (@)
Distributor: Industrial Music
Rated: *****
Only one month after their teaser "Come Together", INFORMATIK are starting a new autumn offensive by releasing this new studio album. In further news it needs to be said, that Arena got licensed to the re-animated German label Dependent, so European-wide distribution should be saved. And to complete the good news, INFORMATIK are supporting the British Synthpop-institution MESH on their tour currently in Europe while I’m writing this. Arena reminds a lot on INFORMATIK’s album "Re:Vision", released in 2004 – it follows a quite comparable concept. Both protagonists of this project, Da5id Din and Tyler Newman, are known for their skills, so they have decided to follow the example of "Re:Vision" and have produced several new remixes of some of their classics. Tracks like "A Matter Of Time" or their known small club hit out of the EBM-days, "Entropy", got completely revamped. You’ll too get the two announced winner remix contributions of their Spring remix contest, PULSE STATE and their remix of "My True Love", as well as THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION and their interpretation of "Temporary". As for new tracks, "Come Together" of course is included, but the new smasher "Falling" really impresses me – that’s one of their best tunes ever composed. And check also out the fat layered last instrumental track "The End", which reminds a bit on their classic "Retrogradation" if you check the rhythm performance of this slow tune. Although I still prefer "Beyond" in its kind, Arena is the ideal album to put a footstep into the doors of the European listeners.


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