Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Artist: Informatik (@)
Title: Come Together
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Metropolis Records (@)
Distributor: Industrial Music
Rated: *****
With a 5-track Download-only release, the prominent US duo INFORMATIK adds another chapter to their ongoing successful story of the furious past year. All good things started with their last years’ album "Beyond". Never before Tyler Newman and Da5id Din could earn so much recognition for their new celebrated musically direction, to combine the always high-skilled synth-driven Electropop-sound of Da5id with the rather Rock-/ Alternative-oriented acoustic efforts of Tyler (BATTERY CAGE). A self-organized remix contest has received international attention, the two winning contributors will make it on their upcoming new album "Arena", while the further rest out of this contest can be still downloaded directly from the INFORMATIK-website. Come Together is the appetizer for the new album, a rather straight and quite college radio-compatible track, which follows the newly discovered style of "Beyond". Asides the "Radio Mix", this track is available in 2 further different remixed versions, the "Clubmix T" (Tyler) and the "Clubmix D" (Da5id) – both attractive enough produced to share some floor action. You should also lay your focus of interest on the both additional tracks, because you’ll get rewarded with an intense remix on the ballad "Don’t Be Afraid", one of the outstanding tracks of "Beyond" – the rather Goth/Dark Electro-oriented audience will fall in love with this moody reinterpretation. But also "Bottom Feeder" is much better than someone might expect from a b-side and impresses with ist cold synth pads, the attacking guitar-riffs and the deep blurring bass-lines. Come Together is an attractive teaser release, which promises a lot for the new album.


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