Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Xentrifuge
Title: Converting Infinity
Format: CD
Label: NoiTekk (@)
Rated: *****
It seems the brand new album by the leathery Dark-EBM one-man (Chris C. is the name and the shortned surname of the mentioned man!) band Xentrifuge, which have finally come back after their mind-blasting debut on the German label Noitekk, entitled Light Extinguished (2005), with an even more ferocious noisy formula, has been completely recording with microphones, synths and drum-machines thrown into the rounding stormy walls from the peaceful eye of a cyclone. Hissing distorted and almost unrecognizable vocals, tormented patterns, hardly pushing swarms of bass frequencies marching side-by-side with engraved delicious electronic sound sculptures: one of the possible way to let a thunderstorm speak through over-peaked speakers, evoking apocalyptic forecasts brutally that are going to remove bandage blindfolding your eyes (or better your ears) .

Most of the tracks (Error Seven, the tremendously head-banging beat storms in Penance and Black Horizon and the anxious sound-set of Converting Infinity are the highlights according to our ear and backbones response) are weapons of mass awakening and dancehall corruption, giving EBM and technofetish vynil licking djs the possibility to simulate electrified thunders on the dancehalls. You'll take just breath on the darkish oracular final track, Immune, unveiling the transitory nature of what is commonly named truth, partially anticipated by the artwork, where some bastard graphic designer has put a black key in symbolic positions... An elektro-metallic battleship built on nebulous beats, muscular rhythms and frightening sounds, which could deflagrate your soul, is going to reinvigorate your body while shaking it on the dancefloor, being the only mole of this 10-track collection its stylistic homogeneity which could disappoint listeners seeking for variations or more varied gears. By the way, you could easily verify that Xentrifuge meat is too tough to be bitten.

Dormant slippery listeners are going to be definitively awaken!