Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Title: Bacon
Format: CD
Label: Statler & Waldorf
Rated: *****
Like a menu based on Danish dishes, Mikkel Meyer named his tracks after his grandmother recipes. Forty years ago, before the 70's immigration, Danish cousin most important spices were: salt, pepper and bacon and from this we have the album's title. "Tatar" is the first course then followed by "Tunge" (feat. Non from Shadowhuntaz), "Dyreryg", "Kotelet", "Kokostosca" (feat. Chidi Benz from Tanzania), "Bananasplit" (feat. Lufu), "Ostetærte", "Flødebudding" and "Jordbærkage". Musically, Mikkel Meyer's ingredients are dub, ambient, dubstep, grime (I love those grinding synth bass lines) and hip hop (when he has guests on vocals). Sounding atmospheric the tracks are able to build a kinda mysterious halo where dubstep rhythms duet with layers of ambient distorted sounds. I enjoyed all the tracks and I just loved the Swahili vocals on "Kokostosca" and Lufu's vocals (he's also from Tanzania) on the following "Bananasplit".