Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Artist: Xotox and Detune X
Title: We are deaf
Format: CD
Distributor: MASTERPIECE
Rated: *****
Rustblade strikes again releasing this tool for DJ devoted to the dark side of Techno-EBM, DETOX is an Italian Project made in Legnano. The vibes preferred by this artist are based over the idea : NO COMPROMISE with clean drums. From the first track the EBM pulses are really dirty and metallic(rusted iron), the pads beyond them are vaste and symphonic, but what is very well focused are the structures of beats. A deep and complex aggression. The second track uses break beats and painful frequencies, I strongly suggest all the EBM Djs to consider this work to "kill and move" their audience in dance floor; Berlin working Djs are the best guys that can get this work to give a trauma to the air. The third track is just a lil'ambient, interferences of dead tvs and hum from abandoned radio station after a zombie plague; I like so much this kind of approach in EBM. I studied all the tracks and that's a final tool for EMB Djs, the richness of texture and the dynamics of every track makes out this work really precious for whom has to provoke an earthquake on the EBM-techno dancefloor.