Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: Having Thin Moonshine (@)
Title: Having Thin Moonshine
Format: CD
Label: Ark Records (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****
When I listened to some excerpts of their previous demos, I wondered why any label didn't make any proposal to this gothic/folk Italian band from Venice before and we're almost sure that the small independent Italian label Ark '“ which already got engaged with renowned gothic bands such as Ataraxia, Violet Tears, Corde Oblique and Argine '“ has decided to bet on their skill and and their interesting musical formula and arguably planned great things after feeling the same surprise. If you consider that there are not so many innovative projects and band from the gothic slops, we can reasonably suppose that those blood-tinged pale hands printed on the cover artwork of this "serious" debut album by Having Thin Moonshine are going to draw whirling mantras and disentangling imaginary ropes in the darkness under favorable winds. One of the "secret recipe" of their music formula could be singled out in the indisputable reciprocal understanding and "synchronicity" between the guitarist Pietro Baldan and the bassist Dario Belardinelli, well supported by the drummer Jacopo Campi.

Another one could be easily recognized in the genuine essentiality of their sound, which seems to avoid any kind of bombastic frills, giving a remarkable role to the voice of the skilled vocalist (and songwriter... ) Ally: she gives a lot of bodies of evidence of their ability in interpreting emotional lyrics, even if maybe we have to admit that her voice is still too much unripe and seductive for certain forms of provocative sung poetry... even if she's really good in singing some ravishing lyrics (it seems she got possessed by an undefined devil when interpreting Salomè '“ a song inspired by the notorious literary character, finely depicted by Oscar Wilde '“ , the nice Point Of View or Giblets Of Sorrow, we couldn't say she �s already comparable to renowned female singers such as Patti Smith or Allison Shaw... but we could reasonably expect she's going to improve and extend her vocal "drama" skills little by little! She has also shown her convincing personality as a musician as well, even when she interprets Jingle (just a sort of funny divertssment in order to relieve the heavy and sometimes obsessive atmospheres of a gothic record... ). This debut album is so persuading and well-crafted that we cannot do anything but wishing them a luminous musical pattern even outside the sometimes stingy Italian boundaries! Good luck, folks!


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