Monday, September 28, 2020
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SOUNDGAZER: Like Gravity

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Artist: SOUNDGAZER (@)
Title: Like Gravity
Format: CD EP
Label: Pose 9 Entertainment
Rated: *****
Two years from their debut album "Screen feel" and with a new album in preparation, Soundgazer are back with an appetizer or what it will come. LIKE GRAVITY is a four tracks E.P. that shows how much the band improved from their previous release. Many reviewers pointed out the vocals as their major flaw so Voytek worked hard and succeeded into making four electro industrial songs with clean vocals (using also backing vocals), guitars, pounding rhythms and electronic sounds which sound convincing and well arranged. "Stay the same" is the song the band picked up as main one (you can find also its video directed by Rany Ly, the band's bass player, on the enhanced section of the CD) and is a particular one because if "Like gravity", "Thoughts felt" and "Generations" could make me think of an e.b.m. version of N.I.N., "Stay the same" to me sounds like and electronic version of Misfits. You know, it has choruses similar to what I used to listen with songs like "Skulls" or "I turned into a Martian". Be ready for their next full length...


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