Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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K-Bereit: Dist�rt Neural Unit

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Artist: K-Bereit (@)
Title: Dist�rt Neural Unit
Format: CD
Label: Sigsaly Transmissions (@)
The long-awaited debut of the new announced moniker of the duo made up of the Lille based "historical" EBM agit-props Frédéric Sebastien and Dominique Lallement which can be considered as the legitimate son of the former Kriegbereit, one of the project active since the second half of the 80s which gained a certain notoriety out of French boundaries strictly related to the embryonic sound of the Belgian industrial waves (especially to the praiseworthily stunning one whose ensigns are with no doubts Front 242) propelled by Monsieur Lallement, also active with the moniker Cobalt 60 (obscure project inside which a rebel youngster Jean-Luc DeMeyer '“ you should know the name of the above-mentioned band was famous for his rushing growls on the microphone... -, whose name was borrowed not only from the radioactive and dangerous isotope of cobalt, but also from an almost unknown comics series by the American cartoonist Vaughn Bodé with the same name, whose plot '“ the revenge of Cobalt60 for the death of his parents, murdered by the evil Stronzium 90! '“ takes place in a post apocalyptic world crowded with aliens, mutants and strange human hybrids, which could be perfectly set to music by K-Bereit as well!) is a well-crafted exulceration of the glorious old-school EBM '“ an indefinite nostalgic touch is added by the sound of unrecorded vinyl wisely inserted between a track and the next one as well as from track 16 to 59 just before the bonus "hidden" track... ! -, whose venomous lyrics, leathery beats and distorted sounds are going to be dropped mainly on trained dance-floors as we think it's not so fitted for personal listening as it could result a bit monotonous unless you find their rifle-fires on electronic drums and neurotic sounds which seems coming directly from a stoke-hole fitted enough to your eardrums., especially when you'll be conscious about the collaborative presence of other EBM-industrial famous stokers, among which Punish Yourself, the great Swedish act Autodafeh- as well as label mates coming from the hard-hitting roster of the Texan label Sigsaly Transmissions -, Dolls of Pain '“ we highly reccomend to download (for free) a collection of remixes of their album, Cybersex, entitled Cybertransmissions on the website of this exquisite band from Strasbourg... - and Signal Aout 42 '“ another interesting EBM act coming from Belgium and quite close to the glorious DAF -. Tracks such as In/Visible, Liar (be honest or prepare to be fired, folks!!!), Mutilation and Use Your Strap-on! are the best songs according our ear response! Even if quite nostalgic and intimately related to the old way of assembling bodily electronic music for bodies' and brains' perspiration, we could bet that most renowned Ebm parties will play this record very frequently. K-Bereit looks ready for a war...you have just to take your gas masks and latex boots out of your wardrobes to ger ready for their violent sound attacks whis are going to shake your ass and march on your favorite dark floors.


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