Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Artist: Teleseen
Title: Fear of the Forest
Format: CD
Label: Percepts (@)
Well, the label on the disc got my attention when it called the album "an electronic MC Escher." I was thinking that I was about to listen to the heir apparent to Coil’s legacy, or at least something like Oval. If you’re looking for this too, we both need to keep looking, because I think that this is a pretty inaccurate description. Putting a vocoder on some voices does not an experimental album make. The label is a bit more accurate, describing it thus: "The rhythmic grids of dancehall, ragga, two step, reggae and soul melt into each other forming a psychedelic lattice on which multivalent ambiences, melodies and vocals hang, splayed open like a tree that has been malformed by a vine grown around it for decades." Here we have a decent mix of dub and electronica. The closest comparison I could come up with is Zion Train or Twilight Circus. Overall, the album maintains the same laid back groove with the vocodered voices and some sparse synth lines, but the focus is definitely on the beat. Some, however, seem a little bit out of place, such as "Chikurubi feat. Billy Woods" that incorporates some rapping over the beats. It’s a pleasant listen, but (perhaps I am a bit jaded in this regard) I don’t really see this pushing the envelope too much until the end with "The Echo Will Triumph Over the Voice," which is a mix of beats, distorted electronics and blips and bleeps. I wish that the entire album had followed such a trajectory. This disc weighs in at around 56 minutes.