Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA
Title: Acid Fake_02
Format: CD
Label: Acid Fake
Distributor: Acid Fake
Reading like one slab slab of rhythmic noise, yet not danceable of course, this CD is one of the better noise comps I have heard in a while. Where most noise CDs I hear are of course just exercises in absurdity over doing anything truly creative, this has a sense of rhythm and time on it, as well as the use of my fun musical hobby: sample and sound linking. Track 3,by Destructive Genius, is a great example, with its’ minimal, pattering drum line over a monster roar and a distorted cat moan (which sounds more hellish than aforementioned) all in a kind of trance repetition, all of a sudden with a gun shot to destroy that mood when you least expect it. Rating: 8. Fans of drone and sound linking take note.


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