Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: ERIK URSICH (@)
Title: 3048
Format: CD
Label: Farmacia 901 (@)
Rated: *****
3048 is the latest Erik Ursich album and since the title comes from the length of the suite you'll find on this limited to 212 copies CD-r, you could think that you're listening to a conceptual release. Well, I don't know exactly if there's any concept behind the analog sounds that Erik produces with his old synths (he uses Ems Synthi AKS, Moog Sonic Six, Steiner-Parker Synthacon, Roland RE-501 and an Ibanez DDL) but for sure 3048 sounds like a throbbing result of an experiment that gone bad. The track starts slowly and low with humming drones and pulsing waves and little by little starts to grow with the add more drones, low frequencies and bleeps that cries for freedom running from one channel to the other. The result is a mesmerizing track that is able to hook the listener immediately. You'll be trapped for 30 minutes and 48" and you'll find asking yourself if you got abducted by aliens.