Friday, July 3, 2020
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Artist: Attrition (@)
Title: A Tricky Business
Format: CD
Label: Two Gods (@)
Rated: *****
Younger generations could just imagine the explosive ferment swirling in the crowded classrooms of 80s English arts' schools and what it happened in the Coventry's ones was something that would have some consequences on the way of music making. Coventry is not only one of the milestones of 2-Tone ska, but also of verified intersections between various musical genres with DIY punkish attitude and one of the founder of the most "evergreen" electronic music band coming from those music fields, Martin Bowes '“ originally giving a precious contribute to give a voice to the Coventry scene through his Xeroxed fanzine entitled Alternative Sounds '“ is conscious about that and we could easily say that he worked as a sort of magnetic stone grabbing different sources for inspiration of moods and musical ideas orbiting around Coventry's school backyards! We widely illustrated and gave support to this big work of reissues of some of their best albums as a consequence of the renewed interest in their rich repertoire. That's why we're proud of announcing the reissue of one of their most interesting release '“ a respectable enterprise by Two Gods recordings -, A Tricky Business, an album which was partially performed in the mentioned arts school, but release only in the beginning of the 90s by the Italian music label Contempo. You could wonder why the fashion hierarchy press didn't give any visibility to them, but nowadays time has changed and the overstanding interest in the roots of electronic music has given the possibility (better later than never!) to know the most unpredictable voices coming from the music produced in a past not so really remote... A potentially tricky business as well!!! By the way, you could easily notice that this album is not only an excellent mixture of dark-wave, industrial rock and steaming slices of Euro-pop, but also a melting pot of black humour, romantic lyrics (I particularly appreciate the general mood expressed in The Rising Tide... really tear-jerker!!! well as the erudite lyrics '“ and music as well... - of First Love... Mr.Bowes, if you're reading to this review, well... I have to admit we shared your second love... I hope you're not jealous!), gothic '“erotic fades (... the forerunners of philosophy standin' behind a potential suicide girl could be find by cruelest commentators in the lovely "Can I be you right hand man?" lovely sung by Julia Niblock, the second Attrition leg!!!), ghostly tinged eyes peering into the gloom (or better into some glooms!!!), the entrancing lyrical grip and the breathy voice of A Girl Called Harmony... We invite to discover by yourself other parenthesis of this interesting document from this great English band... I'm just noticing I repeated the word "Coventry" too many times... There's no 6 without 7... Our respect to Coventry's juiciest music fruits! ... and to Attrition's music of course!


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