Friday, July 3, 2020
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Title: Zuckerbrot Und Peitsche
Format: CD
Label: Gold Und Liebe
Rated: *****
Released after two years after her previous album "Insights" (her second), Miss Yetti is back with ZUCKERBROT UND PEITSCHE (that is meaning "The carrot and the stick"). Henrietta Schemall helped by René Werner Bessel worked during these couple of years at the redefinition of her music thanks to a minimal approach to sound (often looped melodies and rhythms have been used) and thank also to the use of her voice. Electro tracks (see the nice "Why" or the particular instrumental "Auro aurora" which mix semi i.d.m. rhythms and synth melodic lines) are alternated with ones sounding more techno and hypnotic where vocals, if present, are used to enrich the sound (check "Nass" or "Lost"). The album sounds different from the previous ones and for sure Miss Yetti sound is like a work in progress and I appreciated also the bonus track/video of "Blasebalg" where she worked with D.A.F.'s Robert Gorl composing an instrumental track that unfortunately didn't amaze me because it seems to lack of original ideas (it sounds like a demo where a synth loop and a 4/4 bass drum are the core of the track where some noises are added here and there). ZUCKERBROT UND PEITSCHE sounds nice but you feel that something is still missing.


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