Friday, July 3, 2020
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Title: Without
Format: CD
Label: Eh? (@)
Rated: *****
Interesting duo here, differently from several releases on Eh!?, Bill K and Iason P are not dealing with the electro-acoustic thing, nay everything is more dilated, more ethereal and also much more listenable, also for ears that are not trained to this kind of sound. Sometimes it reminded me a strange kind of mix of Kevin Drum drowning in a Kranky pool. This couple of musicians play strings, laptop, electronics, mics, pedals, synths and another bunch of weird electronic devices, but the global sound is less electronic oriented than you could have guessed by reading this list of instruments. Freaky music for freaky people, but Croatan Ensamble are not just playing something simply psychedelic, the music is overall quite ethereal and has a sort of ascension feel. I could help you by writing this’ one of those bands stretching the songs/sounds as much as they can, it implies they introduce changes of notes/sounds/atmospheres really gradually in order to avoid interrupting the trip. Sometimes I think they still have to add something more to reach an higher compositional level but I can assure you the first time I’ve played this cd it was on Sunday right during a bath and my head started spinning with all of my thoughts.


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