Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Title: one is land
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
When approaching to cd I’ve to review in most of the cases during the very first listenings I don’t pay attention to the cover, to the line up and above all to the press sheet (and to be honest I never give that much about press sheets!), everything sounds like a good o a bad surprise, sometimes it’s just weird and this solo-piano cd belongs to the last option. When after several listening I went back to the cover of the cd I’ve found the solo pianist was Jacques Demierre, not that I know his discography that well, but I think I’ve heard him on some releases but sure you can bet I know this composer-musician from Geneve has played with many musicians and has been collaborating with some big names like Berry Guy just to mention one I guess many of you out there know quite well. Believe it or not I’ve been surprised by this swiss musician, I’ve to warn you this won’t be an easy listening but sure he did something quite unconventional. The first of the two compositions featured on this cd is a sort of warzone where Demierre turned the piano into a ruining factory: forte, fortissimo, louder than a drummer beating the shit out of his drum-kit, mid and low registers mixed in dissonance, no dynamic diminuendo everything remains as loud as fuck, every once in a while he throws in some quasi-intelligible chord but for the most of the time you’ll feel like the piano is falling from the top of a mountain. I’ve also tried to figure out if he ever played this piece live and if the audience was simply shocked or violated by such a performance. During the second composition the pianist opt for quietness, he probably plays the body of the piano and despite the silent start he keeps following a soft-rumorist edge, far from the first in-your ears total blast everything is more silent and moderated you have breaks, pauses, short phrases, soft concrete noises, strangulated notes but this time he’s never violent. Heavy Harsh work and surely nothing that relaxing but holy shit! Who ever wrote that music has to be relaxing?.


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