Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Title: NICKER HILL ORCHESTRA All the different deaths....and rebirths
Format: CD
Label: In the bottle / Waiting Room
Rated: *****
I’ve read and heard many good things about this band and finally it happens that somebody has sent me their record for a review. If I were mighty Frans De Waard from Vital Weekly you can bet this full length would have been classified as "nothing new under the sun" infact we’re dealing with what some mighty easily describe as a post-rock/post-emo combo, but if you’re used to De Waard’s style as a reviewer, I’m sure you know that doesn’t imply we’re in front of a so and so band. That’s exactly the point: the band is good and sure the music is ok, sure it’s post rock/post-emo with those delayed/reverbered guitars sailing on a emphatic rock drumming, add the music has a slight prog-rock feel and I think you have all the elements you need to identify this unidentified "flying" object. Everybody is always looking for comparisons, I know, as I know musicians hate to be compared to this or that band, by the way this four piece reminds of early Tristeza meets Mogwai meets some soft parts from these quasi post rock bands that were on Temporary Residence, what differentiates them from so many boring imitators of the genre is that they have the strong-rock touch and the trippy prog-feel that comes out quite naturally therefore forget the dead boring side effect you suffered while listening many bands dealing with this style. I like some of their mid tempos with math-solutions you can hear in songs like "Shit you!", the cinematic feel is still there but they remind me also of a bunch of bands from the slow-core era. I think the band should be definitively catchy live, and if you dig the style it’s definitely worth of a try, the song-construction is good and dynamics give more and more points to listeneability of the work.


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