Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Title: Through The Eyes Of A Stranger
Format: CD + DVD
Label: First Fallen Star (@)
Rated: *****
THROUGH THE EYES OF A STRANGER is the second release for the new label First Fallen Star and it is the second 2009 release for Karsten Hamre (this time under his own name). Released always with a printed run of 1000 CDs with a free bonus DVD along with the first 500 copies (which, like the Dense Vision Shrine one, contains the music of the album with a sideshow of images that Karsten uses on his live performances), the album bring to the attention of dark ambient music lovers seven new tracks. Created mixing layers of melodic drones, sporadic percussive and orchestral sounds, the 45 minutes of music form a flux of fluctuating tense sounds that find their perfect visual counterpart on the limited DVD. The slow sideshow give to the music a good timing and the b/w images create a particular atmosphere where the audience is lead through a sort of voyage where, as stated by the opening track's title, "Darkness gently falling".


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