Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Title: Time Lost In Oblivion
Format: CD + DVD
Label: First Fallen Star (@)
Rated: *****
Dense Vision Shrine is back and after two years from the previous album "Unwinding The Inside" is releasing for the new label First Fallen Star (label run by the people) a new CD titled TIME LOST IN OBLIVION. On this new one Karsten Hamre is leading his music toward darkest places where melody is present but not properly defined. Where synth pads tremble while daring a new tone. Where subtle rhythm patterns play, slowed down to death. This time we don't have neo-classical influences, everything sounds just a procession like following a litany. Sometimes the bleak atmosphere is shacked by some obsessive percussive part but soon after the old flux takes a hold just to repeat itself. The titles give an idea of consequentiality like if they are tracking down a sort of story. We have:
1. From Oblivion
2. A Voyage from the North
3. Through Fjords and Burning Skies
4. The Kingdom of Bucovnia
5. Time Lost in Oblivion
6. Through Eternity
7. The Guardians of Staglieno
8. The Black Forest
9. A Womans Cave
10. The Girl Next Door
The first 500 copies comes with a free dvd with the same track list coupled to the image sideshow used by Karsten during his gigs. Those images (natural sights, monuments, etc) help a lot the creation of the atmosphere giving to the listener the right mood for losing themselves in oblivion.


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