Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Title: „The Red Coats
Format: CD
Label: Black Rain media group GmbH
Distributor: exclusive distribution for these territories: Germany - Nova MD GmbH Austria - Rebeat Music Vertrieb Gmbh & CoKg Italy - Audioglobe France - Soundworks Spain - Redrum UK + Ireland - Code7/Plastic Head Distribution generally non exlusive distribution + exports: Nova MD GmbH, Audioglobe, COP International, Storming the Base, Neuropa Records, Code7/Plastic Head Distribution
Rated: *****
There are days when I’m especially glad to be active in this scene. It is when I get to hear a new talented band which is still unknown for the majority of my fellow goths and I have an opportunity to spread the news in one zine or another. Brillig is the latest export unit from Down Under, a continent which has been principally represented by AC/DC music-wise.
It is a rather sure bet that even those of you who have been in the dark scene for longer than just a couple of years and have got to hear many various artists will at least be intrigued, if not impressed, by Brillig for a reason that those Aussies have some special their own touch. Brillig, though no jolly bunch, offer much more than simply spreading depressive atmosphere and encouraging you to tighten the loop around your neck, like many arts in our scene do (you can imagine who I’m talking about). There is something unique about their songs which enchants the listener. Perhaps this is their ability to carry the listener over into a different world for 3-4 minutes and push the buttons of one’s imagination rather than grouch how screwed everything is.
All pieces are acoustic. Additionally to the "standard" instruments a banjo, viola, autoharp, piano accordion, ukulele and harmonica are used. Most of the compositions are sung as duets (male and female). The songs make you think of fresh air after the rain or long walks in a park with a close person.
Among their influences Brillig list Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave. With this musical variety it’s no wonder the band attracts fans with assorted musical tastes, i.e. Goths, indie youngsters, Americana audience and root-n-blues crowd etc. These lines make me want to comment "cannot we all just get along if they do?".
The name of the band is charged with no literal meaning. It was taken from the poem Jubberwocky by Lewis Carroll that you may have come across in "Through the Looking Glass."
Each song tells a story. It may be about lost love or about drinking for the newly deceased old captain, a regretful family quarrel, a girl named Emily, a ship disaster or an ode to absinth.
Unless you are allergic to the Aussie accent this album is strongly recommended especially for a quiet evening with a couple of friends or some good book. Not for Goths only!


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