Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Artist: Alien Vampires
Title: Fuck Off And Die
Format: CD
Label: BLC productions (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****
The Roman duo Alien Vampires made up of the showy characters of NightStalker (... and his gun-like electro-industrial shots of acid samples)and Nisrok Infernalien (... and his viscous sticky vocal emissions... who’s that bastard surgeon who transplanted to him a pharynx from a rabid cat suffering from adenoids? ) came back with another coarse intercourse entitled Fuck Off And Die, a storm of ebm and techno movements full of scrap iron-like sounds, interferences, dis/torsions and boomy 4/4 rhythmical patterns , which are an effective remedy for mummified dancers although it is quite uncouth and totally rough (... I’m getting allergic to synth-brass sessions inherited by some Italian hit-house... I’ve sneezed on the screen while listening to tracks like Far From Shadows even if it is co-signed by the Suicide Commando mastermind Johan V.R., which isn’t a greenhorn of this kind of records and brings his tribute to the microphones). We have to admit that Alien Vampires’ guys have hugely improved their formula if compared with their past productions even if there’s a substantial lack of refined tracks and it seems they’re just winking at ferocious and angry dancefloors (... maybe a choice partially justified by marketing considerations as most of their fans in Rome have been collected among disco clubs such as Alien or famous fetish parties such as Ritual from their very first steps in the scene... ) without any real innovation except of some tracks such as "The Convent Burns" or "Resistance Ain’t Futile" with a more darkish appeal and frightening atmospheres than just an obvious melting pot of harsh beats, hard rhythms, female whimpering and blasphemous lyrics. There’s a slight evolution towards better directions if you consider the fact that most of Alien Vampires’ notoriety was also built on cover artworks for collectors, satanic adepts and fetishists (one of the most funny as well as blaspheme one was that of Nuns Are Pregnant... ). The one they choose for Fuck Off And Die is even more elegant than the previous ones, maybe as even AV are conscious of the undeniable fact that their sound got more refined than before!!! Some choices (including a graphical format between splatter and sadistic-pornographic references including the one of involving Laura Panerai, a fetish Italian porno star which recently decided to sell even used underwear and pubis hair, for some snapshots on the booklet... ) seems to be excessively stretching yet to persuade people having a refined "musical" palate to buy their record, but we could reasonably argue that this record will have a great success among aliens, vampires and above all people boasting of both of these qualifications! A part of Johan V.R., we have to mention the presence of some other famous collaborators such as Jouni from In Slaughter Natives (... leaving his mark on the obscure march introducing this record... ) and Noisuf-X (the technoid manifestation of Jan Lehmkamper aka X-Fusion, treating the title-track adding some ingredients from breakcore style).


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