Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Yximalloo (@)
Title: unpop
Format: CD
Label: ESP (@)
Rated: *****
Calling Yximalloo (aka Naofumi Ishimaru) a Japanese Harry Partch may be saying too much, but there’s no doubt that he lives in his own sonic world. And what a world it is too! Yximalloo could be classified as avant-garde but that label would be doing him a disservice. His unpop sensibilities are the result of the externally imposed limitations of lack of training, poverty and the wish to express himself as he is without the limitations of labels. In this time of over-produced radio swill this blows open the ears and counters our expectations. Yximalloo is not avant-garde, it’s avant-avant-garde, the expressions of a new life form that needs to be studied to be understood. But since this is also music it needs to be listened to as well. Can we truly understand someone without learning their language first? I don’t think so. Intensely original and not a little frightening in its courage. 24 tracks.