Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: YUMMA-RE
Title: EDEN
Format: CD
Distributor: AUDIOGLOBE
Rated: *****
YUMMA-RE are the new ADD N To X but more organic-rock-based, we can hear inside Talking Heads, King Crimsom with a female approach, for sure inside their art there is nothing of USUAL and COMMON, these kind of concept are banned in this great project. Yumma-Re are Portished with the sense of irony of Talking Heads and the acid style of ADD N To X: Yumma-Re is pure Genius! The artistic path they follow seems driven by the god of Chaos in person, and I confess that I like it. Every track is a remix of the track itself with at least 5-6 genre!!! This work is an experience difficult to explain and it's something really nice to hear. It's a STRAY kind of music that is not only played is a challenge for the listener to feel all the musical sensations YUMMA-RE plays with and in the same time is vital, is not a menaceful of obscure, it is music perfect for a noir film based in Mexico or in a place where there are no limits for excess. The last track, a sort of PALOMA under LSD is a master piece of "cruelty" :) They soar among JAZZ, New Wave, Electronic, Glitch they are sons of the modern sound engineering and in the same time they seem to surf on you tube in a lysergic state. This band is really something new and powerful, they are put in their art the messy culture we live; they make a zapping with music and styles; and I think that are more more more funny than Portished. Plus they are Italian: congratulations ragazzi!