Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: Lili Roquelin (@)
Title: Lili Roquelin
Format: CD EP
Rated: *****
LR is something very peculiar and precious in the indie music media scape, she is a solo artist that had the ability and the art+heart, above all, to put with a great success in the social network arena her voice. In many sense is the proof that the talent pays sooner or later and her art is so genuine and honest that every written word is not enough to describe her potential. Lily is a great singer. It's far better to hear her voice, her passion and her pure talent. For sure she has to measure her talent inside a band but I think that for now she could play her game "alone" by the way her Sound Engineering had a good part in this EP. And to be more clear what I would love is to hear her great voice singing covers to spread more her huge talent. Please LILY don't stop singing.