Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Artist: ELANE
Format: CD
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
ELANE is inviting us in a journey not so absurd or impossible, neither innatural, it's a journey inside our ancestral memories, a trip that has an aim very straight and simple: survive to the modern craziness. Elane use the music and the myths to do that and this art is not only great celtic music, well played and well recorded, is a tool to make better our daily-life and it's really useful to quit the distressing world we are forced to live. All the tracks are inviting the listener to do something, above all to discover a land of mystery and freedom, a world of hidden adventures lost in time. Something metal lies beneath this work a secret sound force that is able to rise up the level of db of some tracks.
The Ballads here are tormented but not necrophiles, all the "lights" suggested by the artists through sounds are low but not ominous, if you know northern light of Europe this concept is very easy to understand the inspirations of the band. I guess that ELANE is a borderline project, ready to follow the Breton lesson or to take the metal-way, in both case the ideas inside the project are very focused and well tuned. In some sense and from my personal POV the music carpet are very cinematographic and the lyrics cast images together with sound and also depict wide grey-clouded landscape. It's a project that suggests to the listener some memories and the desire to reach something we cannot define simply with words, a must to hear and to feel.


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