Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Title: Hip Hop Nation
Format: 12"
Label: ESCHO (@)
Rated: *****
That's JAZZ a new "new" thing and I think that this very interesting artist did not think about his art in this way. In the press release they are talking about DANCE, exotic and poetic dance tracks. Never MIND! That's pure free jazz and I love it because Lamburg's music is built up with an approach really ""naive"" but esoteric. Indeed this electric jazz musician instead to use Ableton Live and other hype software uses: SONY TC 129 analog tape recorder (I am a collector of this kind of Tools and I can understand this choice), an old Aptiva with Win95' (!) and a DOS music software Scream Tracker3 (!!!!). Lamburg Tony records on tape flutes, bells, pianos and toys and then uses this analog sound in his composition. The result is brilliant, breakbeat-like, schizophrenic and definitely ORB Style a sort of naive version of Bitches Brew something more near to the new thing of Jazz of the 60ies than electronic dance music. Best track: the third! This is not music for club is music to write a strange sci fi book like those written by William S. Burroughs, I suggest to Lamburg Tony a next step : to cut up analog tapes like WSB did it and in this way He inspired even the great Ornette Coleman. Lamburg please, don't stop this trend and let's hear the giant of Free Jazz you are in that tradition, follow it better and better and tag along this analog adrift, leave Ableton LIVE to the samples maniacs.


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