Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Title: architect of adversity
Format: CD
Label: Creative Sources (@)
Rated: *****
A drummer and a percussionist here, I've never heard any recording of mr. Flinn before and honestly I find his style is really interesting. This cd features a collection of short recordings where Flinn shows while having his own approach he can give us a varied series of compositions. I dunno if he's worked on the post-production or he managed to put effects on while performing this music live in studio (I mean if he has used electronics or analog-acoustical interventions), by the way while showing he's not too far from many electro-acoustic releases on the same label, he has created his own personal voice. Here and there I got the impression it was some sort of contained Chris Cutler, but beside this impression the corpus of the whole work is quite far from Cutler and presents a diverse assortment of scrawls. You pass from electro-acoustic short rides to bass drums, from metal sounds to scratched squeaking sounds and furthermore you have bells, brushes, cymbals, drums, hand-percussions, chains, toys, compression springs and a variety of things he also portrayed in the picture he put on the front cover. I think he's been really smart in editing tracks this way and in giving us just the best portion of these short performances, I also assume he's also pondered meticulously the tracklist infact you have tone and atmosphere changes from track to track. When working with bass percussions he goes really close to some contemporary classic drumming but in the rest of the recording you have that ludic approach you also have with other smart heterogeneous drummers like Francesco Cusa or Mirko Sabatini and that's great since it shows beside being serious experimental/improvised music it can also be ironic, on the other hand it shows a genuine interest for sounds including ordinary objects, everyday things and so on. Probably who's into contemporary experimental drumming and percussionism may say Flinn follows the footsteps of many musicians approaching "percussions" in a different way, I can simply reply even if it's true, after having listened a ton of recordings like this, in a few seconds you can't but notice he's both style and good taste for musical solutions.