Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: Splatterpunk
Title: Channel 83
Format: CD
Label: Caustic Records (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****
"The future is now" ... and it is obviously bad smelling... First full-length album signed by the evocative moniker of Splatterpunk (a term coined by D.J.Schow in order to describe a movement which rebels against the traditional horror fictional structure by depicting '“ even from the graphical viewpoint '“ the violence in a very tangible way and using horror novels just as a tool to propose a non-fictional analysis of the most disgusting portraits of the daily social life in a provocative way!), an interesting ebm project empowered by sharp reviews of contemporary lunacy, ideally broadcasted on channel 83, the highest frequency (now defunct) for NTSC-M terrestrial broadcasting! Even if there �re a plenty of references to some EBM classics, it's evident that a rich eclectic vein pulses using new music forms to propel its sometimes "subversive" messages in Splatterpunk's electromechanical body and Oscar Javierre Payà aka F18, the man behind this moniker, keep on dissecting the foggy pall enwrapping media-COMtrolled minds through an exquisite blend of sound tricks and well-crafted frequencies full of style variations, which sounds really good and absolutely enjoyable according to our ear response! Rooted down in the cyberpunk fertile cultural ground, the lyrics contains some eruptive statements since the beginning: Future Shock is a good ebm-techno liberation march related to the almost scientifical control some mass media use for enticing minds through apparently inoffensive bombing of info-shit ("digital emotion is the wrong devotion, connected to their lies by optic fiber line") and the nice Psychoterminal (... it's adorable that girl's voice contrasting with the hoarse one by Oscar repeating in an obsessive way "psycho"!) continues with the similar themes which is a sort of leitmotiv of the whole album, inherited by a lot of ebm and dark past acts ("the operative system that they install on your mind is just a simple extension of their fucking masterplan" evokes some dystopian writings by the legendary Philip K.Dick). After the whistling and suppurative minimalistic My Neurosis with the classic crumbling on some brass'n'bass sounds with an 808 State-like (to be honest, we should speak about a 909-State!!!) rhythmical pattern, there's the first pit stop, Robot Interface, a mumbling little candy (a little more than one minute is enough to take breath... !) with technospheric soundings which stands almost like a sort of tribute to Kraftwerk lessons before the further snapshot on social manias (un)frozen in the track Hi Technology, Low Life, a good example of danceable yeasty lo-fi tunes with grizzling "vocoderized" captions for a technologized world suffocated sentencing "the time has come and it will never come back again, we live in the last step of the final end", a nostalgic caress before the retro-futuristic high-propelled track Renegade Hacker 3.0 (prepare to repeat a lot of words ending with '“tion if you like to sing this song while dancing, folks!!!!). What a great track for a supposedly forthcoming Apocalypse engineered by Intel!!! Mr.Ralph appears again on Self Isolation, a catchy conglomerate of pitiful assumptions on people which decide to live this condition as a way of escapism... what can't be cured must be endured... ! A bleeding conceptual passage from robotic to zombie interface (not casual!) before another bath in an acid pool throughout the trance inducted by the well-done XXX-Terminator and the (voi)dances on a sort of vituperative "thrust and parry" in Suicde Epidemix ("I'm tired to see you in these fuckin photos, throw away this shit, it shows your self's lightlessness" seems to be the words a strong-minded friend will shout to an absent-minded one loving filling his albums on facebook!!!). Turbina Neoplastic with the flux of exercises on throaty beating vocals is certainly not my favorite track (even if it contains good samples), while the howls introducing the romantic intercepted love affair (let's say so!) of an idiot and a mechanical whore (containing a sample of the lies by Jose Maria Aznar told to Spanish people to justify the war on Irak... you should already know the bullshits on Iraki mass destructive weapons... shame on you, politicians!) is surely one of my favorite ones! Don't forget to have a listen (and some jumpy steps) on the two remixes included in the album, among which the ASCII-Disko one of XXX Terminator is an highlight! My personal compliments to Die-6 form Barcellona for pictures and artwork (well... the "fluttering" girl on cover artwork presumably taken from a Japanese porno movie is not the next picture taken from Berlusconi's Sardinean villa family album bought by El Pais!!!).


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