Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: ATTRITION (@)
Title: The Hand That Feeds - The Remixes
Format: CD
Label: Two Gods (@)
Rated: *****
Originally released in 2000 by Trisol and Invisible Records, THE HAND THAT FEEDS sees major names of industrial/experimental music scene of the past giving new life to classic Attrition's songs coming from their darkwave period. All the projects involved but Dance Or Die (they did a creepy short version of "I am a theif"), The Truth (they version of "Ephemeral" is a nice minimal ambient tune) and Flip Shriner (this one has been included here for the first time and "One of this morning" is sounding like an experimental nightmarish industrial track) opted for a dance floor/almost acid trance version of Attrition's songs. We have: "Cold Genius" Polaxe remix, "Waste not, want...more" D.O.S. remix, "Cosmetic Citizen" Stromkern remix, "Lip Sync" IT remix (IT was the other project of Nightmare Lodge's Ivan Iusco), "I am (Eternity)" Chris n Cosey remix, "White men talk" Morbus Kitahara remix (this is the less trance oriented track as it sounds like an orchestral, rock oriented upbeat tune), "The Mercy Machine" Attrition remix, "My Friend is Golden" Regenerator remix, "Acid Tongue" New Mind remix, "The Second Hand" Mark Crumby remix and "IAE" In the Nursery remix.


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