Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Title: Alienation
Format: CD
Label: Final Muzik
Rated: *****
A devastatingly physical approach to sound sources, I'm sure, was the spark of this collaboration between Maurizio Bianchi (think of his early and recently resumed experiments as Sacher-Pelz) and Claudio Rocchetti (also in 3/4 Have Been Eliminated, Olyvetty, In Zaire). No wonder the five tracks of "Alienation" are perhaps the most skeletal and improv-based MB collaboration ever, full of gaps and sharp edges rather than monochrome masses. "Avversione" is a harsher take on the trademark meditative music of Bianchi's 2000's comeback (piano, keyboards, orchestral samples è la "Cycles"), while on the other end of the spectrum Rocchetti drowns the rusty loops of "Estraniazione", after a crescendo of low thumps, in a swamp of buzzes and feedback. The whole album sort of oscillates between those two poles - sometimes in a quasi-orchestrated cohesiveness, sometimes showing bleeding cuts and raw nerves. It's a sort of long-distance tension which adds to the uneasy feel of this "dangerous terminal drama".