Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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GENERIC: Torture

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Title: Torture
Format: CD
Label: Fractured Spaces Records
Rated: *****
You must admit that choosing "Generic" as a monicker and titling your debut cd "Torture" is a bit risky, but UK artist Adam Sykes is no absolute beginner either, given he ran the Iris Light label from 19967 to 2007. The six untiled parts forming the album are a sort of time warp to '90's Cold Meat-influenced industrial ambient. "Torture" is entirely loop-based, generally mixing some repeated metal clanking or scraping with a bass-end drone, and not much else (some Gregorian chant here and there, yep). It's like Aube at its most minimal jamming with the aesthetics of, say, Archon Satani or Stratvm Terror. The sound quality is quite muddy and lo-fi, as if this was recorded in some dank cell, and considering the cd was mastered by Osman Arabi I assume it is a deliberate choice. While surely being no masterpiece, "Torture" has a droning quality I like and shows a faithful devotion to a totally untrendy style (unlike much revamped "old school industrial") which oddly makes this sound like a relic.