Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Title: Night tales EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Eevo (@)
Rated: *****
Arthur Pochon started his musical studies when he was a kid at age 9 when he went to the conservatory to study saxophone and music theory. His biography continues telling that in 1996, he left to Boston '92s Berklee College Of Music on a full scholarship to attend their summer music program. This trip proved to be a life-changing experience and gave direction to Arthur\'92s artistic choices. Starting in 1997, he found employment in major Paris recording studios where he developed his knowledge of the recording and mixing processes. In 2001 he started to play as Art Bleek and released his first album in 2004 with British label Loungin '92 Recordings. Now he works with many labels such as Rush Hour Records (The Netherlands), Connaisseur Recordings (Germany), Resopal Red (Germany), Kubism Records (Germany), etc. For Eevo Next he just released a new six tracks EP (one of them is a Terrace remix of "Sonorcade ") titled NIGHT TALES. The tracks shows really well his taste for multi layered rhythmical patterns and creative use of vocal samples. The result is an hypnotic kind of minimal techno with bouncing rhythms, bleeps and looped melodies.


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