Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Z'EV
Title: Sum Things
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring Records (@)
Z'ev can't be filed as music player because his pefrmormances have always been linked to a theme or are the sum of kabbalistic formulas. He calls this process "Rhythmajick" and he explains it like this: "Z'ev has radically reformulated the mystical tradition commonly known as the Qabalha from an Astral/Cosmological focus, to an Earth-based paradigm, in harmony with the needs of our current time. It requires no knowledge of the Qabalha, nor does it assume or call for a prior knowledge of any of the traditional literatures". SUM THINGS contains six tracks and it follows the same path of Z'ev classic recordings as it deals with natural elements. Each track has been recorded at Anstey Road in Peckham during the 12/2005 ÷ 3/2006 period and they are based on a single sound source which hasn't been treated or mixed into a studio. We don't have further explanations about the creation process except the phrase "A possible form for cold dark matter". With titles like "z = -(Es+E3 )", "e = v~z!uEv~z " or "v= (P2 - p1)/t" the album doesn't sound like his previous ones as the sound is less crisp but his metallic percussion style is always present even if it sounds like recorded during a magnetic thunder. Check some sound excerpts at the label's website.


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