Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Synaptic Defect: World-Wide Life & Death

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Artist: Synaptic Defect
Title: World-Wide Life & Death
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records
Rated: *****
Synaptic Defect is a one-man-project by Marc Tater from Beverstedt, Germany. Marc has got a long history of being involved in the dark electro scene; he was a co-owner of a label, currently he writes for the German gothic printed zine Zillo and not least for
"World-Wide Life & Death" is a follow up is his second album after "Mechanical Oppression", which was released in 2004 on BLC Productions. The album is over 75-minute long of Old-School EBM and this is no easy listening music. The rhythm lays the fundament for the tracks, often with more than just a little power-noise touch accompanied by samples and distorted vocals.
The track "Punish me" could serve a soundtrack for an SM-session. "Belief" seems to me to be the most fitting track to be played in a club because it is the most danceable one on the album, in my opinion.
The album criticizes the shortcomings of this world and the role the human kind has played in bringing them upon itself. The music is uncompromising, which is usually the case with solo artists and no surprise for an Advoxya Records release.
Synaptic Defect is a project that has much to offer to the listeners but it also demands some musical competence from them which is not uncommon in the underground scene.


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