Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: Empty (@)
Title: Never Get To You
Format: CD EP
Label: Aphotic Audio
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
No, this isn’t the long-awaited first full-length album of Australia’s Dark Electro duo EMPTY – "only" a new CDEP, but a release with some remarkable content. Never Get To You at least seems to be a kind of a fresh breeze, because with the title track, the band has integrated a quite different and unexpected musically course. As being lately for the most part inspired through IDM/Electronica music, Aaron Potter and Daniel Brunet show and prove easily, that they fit well also with the elements extracted out of this style. Take on one side the latest audible results of DISMANTLED and try to mix it with the last lighter DISHARMONY recordings, and you’ll get a glimpse, how smooth and almost "sweet" this duo can sound. Still multiple layered, but the often pronounced comparison to FLA and aliases often presented through that typically sci-fi-related sampling work and the newly discovered lighter synths sounds turn a bit into the background. This can be also recognized through the clearer sounding male vocals, the huge fx manipulation got reduced especially for the main track. Besides Never Get To You and its four remix contributions by DISMANTLED, PASK, IAMMYNEWT, and ANGEL THEORY, you’ll get one additional new track entitled "Forgotten Dreams", which rather focuses to present an IDM/Break-Beat performance combined with the typical vocoderized male vocals, which we’ve often heard from EMPTY. This one stands pretty much in the shadow of the title track, since it lacks of a clearer catchy attitude. "King of Kings" is finally a cover version originally composed and recorded by The Models – do I hear on it tendencies to a calmer and more melodic outfit? However, I see the need to release this teaser EP, especially to "warn" the harder Electro-minded purists, that EMPTY can sound diverse. Check our newest interview with both protagonists on here, to pick up the newest info about this Australian duo.