Friday, June 5, 2020
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KIKI: Kaiku

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Artist: KIKI
Title: Kaiku
Format: CD
Label: BPitch Control
Rated: *****
Active since the mid 90's as dj, Joakim Ijäs produced his first album for BPitch Control back in 2001. During the years he did many mixes (check for, example, his volume of Boogybytes) and 12"s and it was time he took some time off to produce his second full length titled KAIKU (which in Finnish is meaning "echo"). Having in mind something enjoyable also for an home listener, Kiki built an eclectic tracklist that take inspiration by techno, house, electro and classical music. The album opens with "Autumn leaves", a techno mid tempo with viola inserts and ambiental noises here and there. The following track "After the storm" is a ambient house/jazz mix while "Good voodoo" is a good Miami house vocal track with dark melodies. "No words necessary" mix a sampled guitar sound with house and 70's spatial syths (a very cinematic sound). "Starslider" has obsessive house loops mixed with ambient pads."Immortal" is one of the best tunes with viola, ambient sounds, techno arrangements and Pirica vocals that recalls a bit some Bjork tunes. With "Death railway" and "Twins" techno/electro is the way to go but the first one has smooth sounds that give to it an intimate atmosphere. "Moghadishu" house techno with tribal approach convince also thanks to its dissonant melodies but tension raises with "Living with FFWD" thanks to the Wendy Carlos' "Shining" samples and to whispered vocals. The album closes with "Helios", a cinematic tracks based on rhythmic noises and strings.