Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Wynardtage
Title: The Grey Line
Format: CD
Label: Equinoxe (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
We've noticed a great publishing effort behind the fourth studio album by one of the most unpretentious and underrated Dark electro project, the young but hyper-prolific German (from Chemnitz, a town sited in the ex-East Germany nearby the Czech borders, formerly known as Karl-Marx Stadt) band Wynardtage, supported by a lot of meaningful trademarks of the scene and co-released by Equinoxe (release number 66) and Rupal Records (release with the magical number 23... ), entitled The Grey Line, maybe referring to the homonymous one, which people studying earth sciences know very well, referring to the band which separates daylight from darkness. Following his previous album Praise The Fallen, widely acclaimed by specialized press as well as by EBM-dark djs, we're almost sure that this brand new album will obtain a comparable acclamation mainly for an aspect which should not be underrated by electro dances, often called "danceability". Even if Wynardtage declares "The world is still the same '“ only I have changed... ", the listener which knows Kai Arnold's (the mastermind unraveling the threads of Wynardtage) past albums easily recognizes that the themes are more or less the same of the previous works, mainly rooted in ferocious critics to social matters and false morality mixed up with personal statements, fears and wishes, even if it seems that the (strictly darkish!) canvas enwrapping this lyrics all over the 11 tracks of the album is more intended for dancers wearing obscure spectacles (or gas masks!)... Harsh sounds combined with suffocating ones, martial 4/4 sequenced beats, epic atmospheres and great vocals will kick your ass and perfectly fits this nervous times! A song like Cutting Down is what we imagine is "silently" resonating in the minds of managers on the point of announcing an imminent cut of work forces (sometimes suicide inducing..), while the title track is one of the best episodes of the whole album: the guest singer Melanie G. from the band advantage perfectly interpretes the depressively foggy breeze of this sybilline song inviting the listener to create a vision to (re)create a personal delight. And the whispering and suggestive dialogue introducing If There Is No Tomorrow seems to be tragically predictive, don't despair and dances on the corrugated front-row beats shaking that song. We like the recurring habit of interweaving spoken parts and smashing beats with swampy electronic sequences and rusty vocals tumbling down on rhythms which sometimes reminds to us slushing wheels, especially in tracks like Crash Of A Star '“ a song which seems an angry reflection on the delicate matter of young people suicidal pulsations, nicely contrasting with the following track, Now We Are Alive, a song which will arguably echoe in unhappy existences... especially the Painbastard's remix '“, My Life or The Frozen Point (paradoxically one of the highest point of the whole album according to our ears and tip-tapping feet... ). The European version of the limited edition includes three remixes: the above-mentioned one by Painbastard, a more "elastic" crushed version of Mask by ESC and a disengaged techno rush by X-Fusion remixing Tragic Hero, but we know that American and Russian tracklists are slightly different as they include other remixes. After you listened to the album you could ask to yourself if Wynardtage chose a similar title '“ The Grey Line '“ just to preannounce a forthcoming transition from dark to light or arguably to make a present to people afflicte by split personality, but it's possible that you'll formalute similar silly question panting and panting after dancing... So... keep on dancing on the grey line, folks!