Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: FrontierGuards (@)
Title: Predestination
Format: CD
Label: Aliens Productions (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
The Slovakian label Aliens can be seen as a kind of last bastion, which defends itself successfully against any hypes and up-to-date kinds to produce Electronica music. Rather following the classic style to produce authentic Dark Electro music, also the Czech project FRONTIERGUARDS fits well with the labels’ manifesto and releases with Predestination its debut. FG is a side-project of the rather EBM-related outfit BEAMSHIP, which we had on here with their debut a few years before. Martin "Atreid" Pavlik, who is responsible for all audio results of FG, presents a different musically environment compared to BEAMSHIP, which allows a constant Ambient-related influence to take part. Predestination is for the most part a pure instrumental album, only on two of the 9 own compositions Martin has picked up the microphone to provide some vocals. It is definitely the dark and complex layered mood, which attracts on this album. A track like "Betrayed By Light" is a marvelous example by integrating a rough and rather experimental drum pattern programming, some good samples and a menacing but remarkable synth programming. Some of the classic yelworC-recordings come to mind by listening to this tune. And no, Predestination avoids to satisfy the needs of a dancefloor-junkie, mostly all of the tracks are based into mid-tempo, if not into slowness – with the one exception entitled "Transcendental Experiment", which disturbs with its faster structure a bit the float of this fine Dark-Electro/Ambient-Electronica-album. Additional remix contributions by musically relative related acts like the DISHARMONY-side-project OXYD, the Greek SUBHEIM or the label colleague of ANHEDONIA offer their best abilities, to produce some fine alternative versions to the original compositions. Predestination is also the return of multi-talented graphic artist Tom Galle, who could himself make a quite good name thanks to his collaboration with their side-project HEEL – extremely well documented through a special bonus video track. Demanding, but attractive Electronica music not to underestimate.