Monday, June 1, 2020
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Symmetry of Asymmetry: Useless Breed

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Artist: Symmetry of Asymmetry (@)
Title: Useless Breed
Format: CD
Label: Sturm (@)
Rated: *****
This is a quite surprising newcomer act hailing out of Latvia, since the musically direction of this 3-men-project turns into the Electro/Industrial-related genre instead of the expected vein of a Power Electronics outfit. 3 members as their MySpace accounts announces it, but responsible for all compositional efforts seems to be Roberts Skekets, mastermind and brainchild behind this band pseudonym. Useless Breed is filled with more than 79 minutes of a hard and angry driving EBM/Dark Electro-minded sound construct, which luckily leaves out any up-to-date Hellectro influences. That of course doesn’t mean, that SOA are a piece of cake and easily to consume. They are raging hefty by including a recognizable doze of Punk influences against humanity and its useless being on mother Earth. This theme of course doesn’t allow a smooth music outfit and SOA integrate different, but for the most part dark and scary layers and a nightmarish atmosphere to spit out their hatred messages. The vocals are provided in a rough and for the most part screaming kind, it may remembers a bit on Erk of HOCICO. But musically they can call acts like yelworC as being an idol for their music arrangements, several tracks offer a comparable mood. This album isn’t meant to offer another Saturday-night-dancefloor-compatibility, although some tunes like "Destiny = Doom", "What Is Your Way" or "Torture Chamber" may would allow this. You also shouldn’t be surprised to hear some guitar riffs woven into the background, this elements even strengthens the rough outfit of this act. Highlights can be named with those rather fearful moments like "Dead Trauma", the both parts of the title track (cool piano-driven intro in Part 1), and the harsh slapping and guitar-supported "Melting Chaos". SOA may lack a bit on better polished production, while I strongly recommend them, not to get trapped by following the newest trends – no one really needs an additional Virus- or Vanguard-copycat. This style and kind is well chosen and comes out more authentic than most of the so-called leading acts would be able to create. A great Sturmmandat, Keep it on!