Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Title: Voltage 2.3.: Remixed & Revisited
Format: CD
Label: Synthetic Sounds (@)
Rated: *****
Few months after the release of their debut album "Fighting for voltage" here's the remixes album VOLTAGE 2.3.: REMIXED & REVISITED. You know that I'm always critic about remix projects, because often you get thousands versions of the same track where the new one is really similar to the original song or, on the other hand, tracks that have the basic melody and then play around the concept a bit. Well, fortunately this time we have big names (see KMFDM, Tim Skold or Revolting Cocks) and also new tracks. We have: "high voltage" covers of Joy Division's "She lost control" and Nirvana's "Territorial pissing" plus a cyber punk'n'roll new song titled "Welcome to the future" and four short experimental tunes titled "Tape 8: Worm holes", "Tape 4: Test subject phase 1", "Tape 23: Pharmaceutical analysis" and "Tape 18: Status report #3". Also the remixes are good: I especially appreciated Revolting Cocks with a slowed down dub industrial version of "Ready or not" (great distorted bass and a blasting brass section!), The Birthday Massacre version of "Last daze" (now it sounds like a goth emb nightmare but keeping also a pop attitude), Tim SKold mix of "Prozac nation" (compressed, energetic and distorted), Combichrist mix of "Last daze" (now is a techno tune with a great dancefloor potential) and also Led Manville version of the same track is a great dancefloor tune but with an e.b.m. approach. This 20 tracks CD is a good one thanks also to the new tracks and to the quality of most of the remixes.


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