Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Die Perlen: Stadt.ep

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Artist: Die Perlen
Title: Stadt.ep
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: FireZone Records / Black Rain media group GmbH
Distributor: Nova MD GmbH
Rated: *****
The new EP of this duo from Nurnberg, Germany deals with the phenomenon of a big modern, smoggy, loud city; the events and the emotion related to it are rather ambivalent. Some contemporaries cannot imagine their lives anywhere else while others cannot stand the city living conditions. Ever asked yourself what goes to make a city great and unique? These are primarily the people you share your city with. Not the architecture or beautiful ponds in the park.
The band has already released three full-length albums and after its nine-year long existence is no newbie on the underground horizon. Ferdinand Ess and Katja Hah call their musical style TelektroPonk which involves elements of Electro, Pop, Funk and Techno. Apart from keys they use guitars, computer and kaosspad combining faster beats with clear vocals both male and female. The languages they chose to use are French and their native German. The EP depicts the moldy and grotesque sides as well as the glorious ones of the 21st century metropolis. For those of you whose idea of how the German language sounds is dominated by the post-war films and Rammstein (who play on those clichés) try to listen to Die Perlen (the pearls). Katja’s singing will leave a very mild and melodic impression of this language.


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