Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: Zentriert Ins Antlitz
Title: ...No!
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
Already the surprising news flash of the signing of this former COP-recording act has attracted some attention. Yes, this veteran and long time active German band returns with a complete new studio album, which features some remarkable extra goodies I like to review separately below. The decision to join again the ranks of a label can be seen as a surprise, since ZENTRIERT INS ANTLITZ have been released free available albums and EP’s directly through their website in the last years. But "...No" plays itself already with the first few tunes directly from the ears into the heart of the listener by offering a rich and complex synth sound foundation, which features multiple hints into musically quite different genres and a wide cultural background. This isn’t the work of bloody newcomers, that’s for sure. I tend to compare ZIA’s music with the audio results of TOTAKEKE regarding the featured diversity of styles and complexity, but ZIA are definitely more Electro/Industrial-minded and are sounding more "European" than Frank Mokros’ project does. After a dark and voice-sample-driven intro, someone may expects another clubby EBM-album or at least a bit of possible dancefloor action by consuming "Today", but already the slow, but magically "Where Their Dreams Live" shows the direction in which kind this album will continue: a dark layered and for the most part slow and majestic Dark Electro-album with several hints into Ambient music. "Where Their Dreams Live" with its breathtaking high played acoustic guitar drops, or "Silence Diary", "24th Dimension", "Manage My Sensibility" with its more than 9 minutes playing time or the last track "The Final Walk" are mouth-watering masterpieces following this ideal. In between we have only one track offering the total contrast to this slow stalking milestone of Electronica music, "Can’t Get Me", a track which screws the bpm to much higher numbers. Yes, it disturbs a bit the silence and course of this album – but again: what a great sort of an Industrial track is this! This one really remembers me on some last FLA-tracks, which had Jeremy Inkel aboard – a brilliant speedy track with vibrating bass lines, a straight kick and snare work and it also doesn’t forget to include some guitar samples. What a great album, Gentlemen, thank you for the great music.
So we’re moving over to the special content, which this album also offers for you. All you have to do is to move over to the official website of the band, www.zentriertinsantlitz.de and to download a tiny program entitled "Demutilator V2". Install and use this program by following all instructions, you at least need to "demutilate" the complete additional audio stuff only an original CD – no active www connection is required!
The "demutilated" stuff offers additional music to be burned and pressed on 2 CDR’s and multiple graphic works.
CD 2 of this concept got aptly entitled "7 Dreams", because it offers 7 different versions of the already above mentioned track "Where Their Dreams Live". 6 different remix works produced by their Tympanik label colleagues like INTEGRAL, TOTAKEKE, STENDEG or SUBHEIM. Also a "Sheer Atmo Mix" by the masters themselves is featured too and as the title announces it, it reduces all rhythmical ingredients to zero and to drift completely in that rich and complex arranged layered sound outfit. Some remixes are nearer to the idea of the original (INTEGRAL), while some other are drifting away from it and fulfill to me the best the idea to create a remix with an own identity – LUCIDSTATIC, as usual, has to be named, but also SUBHEIM by offering an authentic form of ambience.
The "demutilated" CD 3 out of this edition is too me the better one, since it offers two unreleased tracks and especially the opener "Ewiniar" is a top-notch addition, following strong the presented quality of the main album. "Silence Diary", also originally available on the main album, receives two strong remix works by AUTOCLAV 1.1 and ACCESS TO ARASAKA. Also the remixes of "Perphenazin" are worth to mention, since the musically differences between the sedating DISHARMONY and the weird rhythm construction of the LUCIDSTATIC side-project Pandora’s BLACK BOOK couldn’t be more extravagant presented. Accomplished with a "Re-Dub Mix" of "Can’t Get Me", by ZIA itself and a remix of an older track named "Jericho" by UNTERM RAD, you ll get another 45 minutes long soundtrack for your complete entertainment.
It remains the question, if this invention to "demutilate/extract" from the pure audio CD would have been the right concept to fight against the overpopulating downloading procedure – now it is definitely too late to start another MP3 debate for sure. However, this fantastic album is a milestone not only for Tympanik, but also for the genre of layered and complex produced Electronica music itself!


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