Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Final Selection: Clockworks

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Artist: Final Selection (@)
Title: Clockworks
Format: CD
Label: Flashpop Media (@)
Rated: *****
Our readers watch carefully the review and interview activities on our site, so most of you out there surely know, that this German Electropop-duo has always been featured intensively here. In the last 3 years it has becoming a bit silent around Riccardo Schult and Mario Tews, just after the release of their second full-length album "Meridian" on the now closed Polish label Black Flames. "Meridian" was a top-notch album with an extremely valuable cover art design and also the taste- and skillful arranged Synthpop music of this duo stands every comparison and sets standards. It may has to do a lot, that "Meridian" came out to a time, where the end and bankrupt of the Black Flames label seemed to be unstoppable. However, "thanks" to an extremely limited promotion caused out of the labels’ end, "Meridian" went completely down under the radar of the fans, what a pity, if you watch and listen to this masterpiece. Now back and signed to the relatively new label FlashPop Media label, the band finds back to the old strength. Clockworks can easily be taken as a reference, how modern Synthpop music has to sound, which doesn’t fall into stupid plastic Popmusic redundancy. Already the opener Clockworks attracts the listener to keep on fully attention with its thick layer programming and the spacey ambience impact, which seems to be the trademark in all of the works of the band. Riccardo and Mario know pretty well that they have their best moments with rather mid-tempo tunes, even danceable constructed, "Nemo" and "My Life" are sort of their strongest compositions ever. Having entered successfully the GEWC-charts with a digital-only Single release "Red Line", also this masterpiece can’t be missed here. As for dancefloor-compatibility, "Two Islands" should work extremely well. Last, but not least, also some dreamy and sentimental moments are given with "Skindeep", which really lets the listener drift away. FINAL SELECTION provide the best moments Synthpop music is able to offer and impresses with intelligent sound design. A highly recommended album not to be missed!


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