Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Title: The Uninvited Guest
Format: 12"
Label: Monkeytown Records
Distributor: Rubadub
Rated: *****
First release of the newborn Monkeytown Records, label run by the two members of Modeselektor, Siurismo's THE UNINVITED GUEST is a six tracks MLP that can be filed under a new genre: "weird dance electronic gem". From the info sheet I read that "Siriusmo, aka Moritz Friedrich, is a real survivalist, played in a band for many years and is a fan of old keyboards. As a professional artist (painting, illustration, graffiti) Siriusmo lives off temporary jobs and even does construction work now and then". Well, I can only tell since the first track titled "The door" that Moritz is able to mix catchy electro beats, irony (the fake vocals of the wolf who's trying to catch the three little pigs is hilarious) and great sounds. The main track is a mix of electro and techno with upbeat tempo and obsessive but catchy melodies. "High together" is starting like an electro salsa tune and then it blasts off like an electro funky dance irresistible song. "Nights off" is a nice instrumental electro pop tune a la Digitalism but a bit more melancholic. "Let me in" is techno, electro and grime at the same time and it is really bouncing. The closing "Von kopf bis fuss" is an orchestral/techno short madness. This 12" will be released in June, don't miss it and write on your calender that at the end of the year will be out also Siurismo's debut album always on Monkeytown Records. Great release indeed!


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