Friday, July 10, 2020
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Artist: Tibetan Red
Title: Ritual Breathing
Format: CD
Label: Antahkarana Records (@)
Rated: *****
The Catalunian artist Salvador Francesch AKA Tibetan Red, is active since the first 80s. When i first came across his work, digging among some post-industrial compilations, it was a sudden blast; it made me think of an extreme and noisier version of Zoviet France ( both the amazing tracks on 1987's "Freedom On a Vacuum" luckily are re-issued on cd by Gracia Territori Sonor ). On this cd, his latest, the title is quite explicative because "Ritual Breathing" is a trio of tracks that deal with the concept of breathing and all the instruments used here involve the use of air to create a sound. The first one is called "Ritual Breathing" and it's a 35 minutes slowly evolving and spacious drone. "Gompa" starts with a subtle airy drone and ends with some (supposedly)Tibetan chants. Tibetan Red's compositions in 2009 sound surprisingly brighter in comparison with his very first releases but they share a similar way of toying with our spiritual side.


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