Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Brobdingnagian: TortureStainedDisaster

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Artist: Brobdingnagian (@)
Title: TortureStainedDisaster
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Rusty Axe Records (@)
Rated: *****
First off, let me say that this is not music that crosses these pages regularly, but i hope it will appeal to the most open-minded among noise listeners. Brobdingnagian play a mentally deranged blend of depraved black metal and sickening noise/experimental.
The title track is a perfect example of the forementioned style, there are massive guitars played slowly over sheer analog noise background with filtered voice loops and an inhuman singing. "Poison Tongue--Bloody Throat" starts with an early, archetypal black metal voice on fast tempo guitars reminding the most fucked up moments on the first Stretchheads album -- then after 2 minutes and a half the music stops and there are 3 minutes and a half of silence -- and then again filthy vocals on heavy circular riffs. The whole album is recorded in a delightful lo-fi style. Highly recommended to those who liked Ash Pool ( Prurient's Black Metal spin-off ). Check out their myspace and buy their cd because Satan rarely sounds this intresting. Limited to 501 copies.


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