Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Artist: The Eternal Afflict feat. Qntal
Title: San Diego
Format: CD EP
Label: Afflict: Me records
Distributor: USA/Canada, UK France, Japan, Austria, Switzerland – Amazon Mexico/Mecanica Spain/Diskpol Belgium/TarantullaShop Netherlands/BOL Norway/Shadowland Sweden/Hotstuff Digital - I-Tunes
Rated: *****
The Eternal Afflict have provided electro fans with quality entertainment since 1990 when their first release hit the streets and the clubs. San Diego is one of the band’s most successful tracks and it was recently re-mixed in a 2k9 version by no less renowned artists as PROJECT PITCHFORK, the masters of Medieval tunes QNTAL and JESUS ON EXSTASY. The original version of San Diego is brilliant and there is no need to talk about it since it is rather familiar to the gothic clubbers. Five of the eleven track on the CD are remixes of the title song. Having such a great original to remix it is hard to do much wrong hence all the remixes turned out well. Each of the artists provided the song with his/her own spice. However five remixes of the same song pressed on the same CD are just a little bit too much. The remixes do not differ utterly from one another and at some point the listener gets the feeling of hearing the same song for the fourth or fifth time. As Led Zeppelin once put it: the song remains the same.
After it was shown how the other artist handle material of The Eternal Afflict, the time has come for Cyan and his men to demonstrate their skills in the same discipline. The classic song Paint It Black by the Stones was chosen to be covered. The same said above about San Diego is true about Paint It Black also; it is difficult to spoil great material and The Eternal Afflict did not do so either. It is always somewhat dangerous to pick a song that has already been covered by numerous other artists to cover anew because there is a basis for comparison and Pain It Black is just one of such songs. This new cover has lost nothing of its original’s (black) luster.
Nirvana is a typical Qntal song; slow & atmospheric. Syrahs deep voice puts its better sides on view, nevertheless this is rather a case for the fans who dig this specific sound. Dreams Take Blind Souls is a mid-tempo duet by Syrah and Cyan, where their voices complement each other. In Seventh Culture/The Awakening the intro is over two minutes long, which occurs a bit overrun. Additionally, there are videos for San Diego and Agony I Like to be found on the CD.


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