Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Artist: Project Pitchfork
Title: Dream, Tiresias!
Format: CD
Label: Prussia Records (@)
Rated: *****
In the Greek mithology, the famous fortuneteller Tiresias got blind after a dispute between Zeus and Hera. One sunny day (as on Mount Olympus as well as on airplanes, the sun always shine, arguably!) those gods decided to summon him as a witness as he personally experienced both feminine and masculine sexual condition (just for having disturbed the copulation between two snakes... it should be a disgusting vision!) to solve a dramatic question: who has more pleasure in sex? The man, as from Hera's viewpoint, or the woman, as Zeus claimed? Mister Tiresias, who used to be a successful prostitute when he lived in the countenance of Lady Tiresias, unveiled the secret sentencing that women's sexual pleasure is far better than men's one. That's the reason why this unlucky forerunner of transgenderism obtained blindness by the angry goddess, but on the other hand he could predict future as a thanksgiving gift from Zeus... It could sound strange that the notorious German industrial/dark-electro band Project Pitchfork has chosen this mithological character to metaphorically represent all the rebels agitating our dirty society by a constant research of the hidden truth. An explanation of this choice could be justified by the fact that Tiresias was punished for revealing secrets to mankind... the same risky way some "fortunetellers" in our society are still running in order to contrast the will of blinding the whole mankind by governments and war lords, which looks like more interested in focusing mass attention on effects instead of causes... good conoisseurs don't need further explanations! It's not the first time this band uses interesting intellectual links to grab the attention of listeners all over the world. Nowadays they're followed by thousands of people, which are delighted by their unique mixture of whimsical and irriverent lyrics, exquisite 80s melodies and easy danceable rhythmical patterns... other thousands joined to the fanbase after discovering that Rammstein played side by side this band at their very first steps '“ could you imagine the powerful energy injected on audiences by this two great German bands sharing the same stage??? -. That's why there's nothing to wonder about if this release has been considered one of the longest awaited album in the beginning of 2009! ... and it seems they came up to their (and our) expectations! According to us, the choice of "staying electronic" is praiseworthy! Referring to his own personal and more experimental projects (Santa Hates You '“ a project fitting the "hard and loud" stylistic concept '“ and Imatem '“ which sounds more synth-poppy, focusing on deep melodies and enchanting harmonies -), Project Pitchfork's frontman and mastermind Peter Spilles stated: "Fulfilling the needs of these two musical alter-egos of mine, has the great side effect of generating a sort of creative "free space", providing me with clarity about where I really want Project Pitchfork's musical future to be, without trying to make it sound like something else. In other words: my two side projects allow Project Pitchfork to go back being Project Pitchfork, and to stay Project Pitchfork.". And the future of Project Pitchfork seems to be totally anchored to the combination of danceable beats and electronic well-crafted sounds pulsating synchronously with a provocative vein. All lyrics deals with contemporary problems and includes mind-blowing exhortations able to feed personal reflections without being too intimistic and obscure. There're an ironic condemnation of the (nasty!)habit of drugging children with psycho pills (finally a real parental advisory!!!), the easeness by which governments begin wars sacrificing young people in Darkness, the contradictions of some monotheistic religions in Your God. Other songs seem to run against personal experiences: Full of Life seems to be addressed to people who got their dreams lost blinded by life and its more offensive aspects, while The End fastens listeners' attention upon all kind of endings. But we adore Mr.Spilles' skill as a lyricist (and even its frightened eyes and possessed smile!) in the most "mystical" parentheses of the record... have a listen to The Tide to perceive the melting side of Tiresias' dream injection... Strophes saying "The moon was told to keep a distance/No one else could hear our call/An angel taught the word "resistance!" /and so the moon began to fall... " sounds prophetical enough... All songs are interlaced through inspiring "instrumental" parts called Dreams, with a considerable level of "transcendence"! So what... ? All Tiresias of the world unite... . And get ready to shake it! PS: Beware of the snakes!!!